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We've done our best to answer your questions here.  

If you don't see the answers you're looking for - drop us a note via the contact us page.

I’ve never done a half marathon before, is this ok for beginners?

YES!  We'd be honored if you chose our race as your first half marathon!  Walkers are welcome, just make sure you can cover 13.1 miles in 3:30 hours.

What if I get injured or decide I do not want to do the race, can I get a refund?

Please know that we understand that “life happens” and sometimes you just can’t make it out to join us on race day, but it would cripple our little business if we considered our registrations place holders instead of actual purchased spots to run.  Your entry fee guarantees you a spot on race day, and we can't wait to see you, but it is not refundable.  

Can someone else run in my place?

Yes! But your number needs to be officially transferred to them through us. Why? When you sign up to run in one of our races, you sign a waiver.  When you give someone else your number, they haven’t signed a waiver.  Our insurance company doesn’t like that.  If something happens to them, they’re not covered.  So, if you’d like to transfer your registration to someone else, we’ll need them to fill out a new registration and sign their own waiver.  This costs $10 and must be completed 2 weeks before the race.  We cannot do any transfers within 14 days of the race.

Are strollers and dogs allowed on the course?

Strollers are welcome, as long you make sure to steer your cutie pie well and stay clear of other runners.  We love dogs, but our insurance company won't allow them in our races.  

Is there a spot for spectators?

Yes, spectators are welcome to come and see you rocking the Rain Run!

Since the course does an out and back along the Sammamish River Trail, spectators can pop in and cheer a couple of times from the same spot.  And we definitely welcome spectators at the Start/Finish area.  There are a few covered areas for them to huddle if the weather is really wet.


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